Lotus Exige MK1 Rover Cooling

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Water pump k-series engine Water pump k-series engine
Even when you use the correct specified coolant, the waterpump is still subject to corrosion over the years. Certainly when your car has suffered from a headgasket failure, where other substances may get into the coolant channels, the...
€79.00 *
Alloy water radiator "thick core" Elise / Exige Alloy water radiator "thick core" Elise / Exige
Uprated alloy water radiator with upgraded cooling capacity. The high-efficiency core measures a height of 45mm and bears extensively more volume compared to the OEM part with 35mm. The side boxes are made of alloy. Those of the OEM...
€550.00 *
Alloy Header Tank Alloy Header Tank
Alloy Header Tank Built as a direct replacement for the original plastic tank. The plastic one is getting worse, because of UV for example. Already our Alloy-Version looks always fine! We have got three different finishes available:...
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Pressure relief temperature thermostat Pressure relief temperature thermostat
The design of the Elise cooling system is not ideal as the K-series engine was designed for a FWD car and the Elise is a RWD car. Specifically designed for the Elise, this remote thermostat can be fitted almost anywhere in the cooling...
€169.00 *