Lotus Evora 400/410/430 Exhaust

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Lotus Exhaust Mounting 6Cyl. Lotus Exhaust Mounting 6Cyl.
Original Lotus Exhaust Mounting Price per piece Suitable for: all Evora, Exige V6, 311
€31.50 *
Lotus Track Exhaust V6 (“quiet”) Lotus Track Exhaust V6 (“quiet”)
Lotus Track Exhaust (“quiet”) Specially designed for track use and today's volume limits at Trackdays, this rear muffler is "tuned to quiet". The exhaust gives a weight saving of apporx. 3Kg over the standard silencer (=13,4 kg) and is...
€2,990.00 *
Y-Downpipe stainless steel incl. HJS-Catalyst Evora 400 Y-Downpipe stainless steel incl. HJS-Catalyst...
Stainless Steel Y-Pipe incl. HJS-Catalyst for Evora 400, Sport 410, GT410 or GT430. The Y-Downpipe is made of stainless steel and can be exchanged to the OEM part. By the use of a bigger sized diameter (76mm) it provides a better...
€1,790.00 *
RC-Exhaust Valve-Control RC-Exhaust Valve-Control
RC Exhaust Valve-Control Most Lotus models are now equipped with a valve-exhaust as a standard factory spec. Especially with the latest models, the valve is controlled by the ECU only and opens depending on the model and driving modes...
€175.00 *
dB-Eater KT-Track V6 dB-Eater KT-Track V6
Too loud for the track? The solution: KT-Track dB-Eater-Insert! Easy installation, with tailpipe direction to the left or right, the loudness are reduced by about 3dB. Depending on the track or measuring points to use. Motorsportpart -...
€299.00 *
Manifold 3:1 stainless steel Exige S V6/Evora Manifold 3:1 stainless steel Exige S V6/Evora
To help the Exige S V6 something on the jumps, we offer a manifold system. This has been developed and tested on our dyno, so we have achieved very good results. The manifold is made of stainless steel and the pipe lengths individually...
€1,690.00 *