Phase ZR265 Upgrade +43hp/+25Nm Elise S 1.8 (2ZR)

Phase ZR265 Upgrade +43hp/+25Nm Elise S 1.8 (2ZR)
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  • 1300-003mitAC
Phase ZR265 Performance Data ZR265: approx. 263 hp / 275 Nm Performance Data Series:... more
Product information "Phase ZR265 Upgrade +43hp/+25Nm Elise S 1.8 (2ZR)"

Phase ZR265

  • Performance Data ZR265: approx. 263 hp / 275 Nm
  • Performance Data Series: approx. 220 hp / 250 Nm (factory data)

In order to give the new Elise S (ZR) a some more performance, we have developed this performance phase. The new 1.8 S (2ZR engine) differs from the previous 1.8 SC (2ZZ engine) by a completely new engine ZR-generation and a compressor which is now equipped with a water-to-air-cooled chargecooler (previous ZZ completely without chargecooler). With the current 1.8 S, the weak point is now more a part of the exhaust system. The original exhaust manifold has very small diameter and the pipe lengths are not optimal. Therefore, we use a 4: 1 stainless steel exhaust manifold with optimized pipe lengths and a 200cpsi HJS sportscatalyst. The result is an amazing sporty sound, without being intrusive. To optimize the air-intake aswell, we use a TRD Airbox. Compared to the ZR250 phase, we change in boost-pressure ratio by using another pulley. The required software tuning-file changes the ignition angle, the injection time and the camshaft phase and thus achieves a homogeneous tuning with approx. 263 hp power and about 275 Nm torque. The additional torque is clearly noticeable even in the lower revs.

Key Benefits:

  • Good price-performance-ratio
  • More and earlier torque availability (250Nm at 4.300 rpm)
  • Increasing Power (+43 hp) and more torque (+25 Nm)

Phase ZR265 consisting of:

  • TRD-Sportairbox
  • modificated pulley and belt
  • 4:1 Stainless steel manifold with optimized pipe lengths
  • 200cpsi Sports Catalyst HJS
  • Optimization ECU-Software ZR265 (ignition, injection characteristics and camshaft phase adjustment)
  • ZR265 Decalset

Also included in the price are the labour time, as well as a dyno run with performance record.

You have to use an sportsexhaust (not included!) with this power-upgrade. Even not all systems that are available on the market fit with our ZR265-Kit! If you have any questions about possible options do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

CAUTION: Kit requires the use of at least (or higher quality) fuel Super Plus (ROZ98).

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