Lotus Exige MK1 Rover Wheels & tyres

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Wheel-Set FullRace S1  16"/17" Wheel-Set FullRace S1 16"/17"
Wheel-Set "FullRace S1" We deliver a complete alloy-wheelset for Elise Mk1 in dimensions Front: 7x16", weight: ca. 8,6 kg / rim Rear: 8x17", weight: ca. 9,6kg / rim Motorsportpart - Track use only - NO street use StVO/StVZO!
€1,390.00 *
Tyre set Yokohama A052 (16/17) Tyre set Yokohama A052 (16/17)
Yokohama A052 Tires This is a semislick-tire with official road-legalicy. It is the replacment of the well-known A048. Aspecially developed for light sportscars it is perfect to handle on fast tracks. Available in following sizes:...
From €539.00 *
Tyre set Yokohama AD08 RS (16/17) Tyre set Yokohama AD08 RS (16/17)
The new Yokohama AD08RS, successor of AD07. Optimal mix between the famous Yokohama A048 and normal road tires, excellent dry grip, but also reserves in the wet and colder temperatures. Available sizes: Front tires in size: 205/45R16 83W...
€799.00 *
Wheel spacers 30mm Wheel spacers 30mm
Alloy wheel spacers 30mm per axle. This type will be screwed on the hub. The wheel will be screwed on the spacer. Attention.: It may be required that the wheel bolts must be shortened for Fitting.
€139.00 *
Tyre set Avon ZZR Elise/Exige Mk2 Tyre set Avon ZZR Elise/Exige Mk2
Tire-Set Avon ZZR medium Please note that there can be price-changes and different availabilities in short time that we cannot follow up. Please send us a mail if you need actual data before ordering. Thanks for your understanding. The...
From €599.00 *
Tyre set Yokohama A048 (15/16) Tyre set Yokohama A048 (15/16)
Yokohama A048 LTS Tires Yokohama tires are designed to perform better, keep you safer and take you further. The ADVAN A048 is a street legal tire-created for short-track racing. The ADVAN A048 easily transitions from straight-line...
From €375.00 *