Lotus 340R Engine Components

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Adjustable cam verniers alloy Adjustable cam verniers alloy
Piper Cams Vernier Pulleys (adjustable) to get the right timing of the camshafts. We deliever a pair.
€389.00 *
300° Sportnockenwelle 300° Sportnockenwelle
10,8 mm max. valve lift For use with mechanical followers. Special developed for Lotus Exige and 340R. (pair)
€799.00 *
292° Sportnockenwelle 292° Sportnockenwelle
10,8mm valve lift max.. For use with hydraulic followers. Only to use with throttle bodies. Gives optimum power. (pair)
€850.00 *
260° Sportnockenwelle 260° Sportnockenwelle
9,7 mm valve lift max. for use with hydro followers and std engine. No machining required. (pair)
€799.00 *
274° Sportnockenwelle 274° Sportnockenwelle
10,95 mm valve lift max. for use with hydraulic followers. This cam is for street use. A free mappable ECU is necessary. Good power in low revs.
€799.00 *
Headgasket incl. Bolts and Oil Rail Headgasket incl. Bolts and Oil Rail
Headgasket Kit for your Lotus with Rover Engine If you have a leaking cylinder head gasket at your Lotus Elise it happens mostly due to the temperature of the engine. This kit should be able to fix it: 6-layer Metal-Headgasket Aluminum...
€249.00 *
Camshaft oil seal Camshaft oil seal
€8.00 *
Valve stem seals Valve stem seals
€3.90 *
Inlet valve VVC, 31,5mm Inlet valve VVC, 31,5mm
Price per piece.
€30.00 *
Inlet valve standard 27,5mm (OEM) Inlet valve standard 27,5mm (OEM)
price per piece
€25.00 *
Exhaust valve VVC, 27,4mm Exhaust valve VVC, 27,4mm
Price per piece.
€30.00 *
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