Lotus 340R Car electric

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Driving Lamp, Elise Mk2, oval, 80mm dia. Driving Lamp, Elise Mk2, oval, 80mm dia.
Driving lamp Elise Mk2, 80mm, oval price per Item Suitable for Elise / Exige MK2, up to MY11 if factory-fitted
€75.00 *
Fitting Plate for Lite-Blox 1.4 or 2.0 Fitting Plate for Lite-Blox 1.4 or 2.0
Fitting Plate for Lite-Blox-Battery (1.4 or 2.0)
€140.00 *
Lite-Blox Battery 1.4 - Generation 4 (7,5Ah, 2-6Zyl., 1.-3.000ccm) Lite-Blox Battery 1.4 - Generation 4 (7,5Ah,...
Lite-Blox Lightweight Li-Accumulator 1.4 Generation 4 (7,5Ah, 2-6 Zyl., 1.-3.000ccm) Our lightest high performance starter battery LB14XX in a thermally & mechanically decoupled CFK housing with implemented bracket, intelligent...
€1,495.00 *
Lite-Blox LB100l Battery-Charger Lite-Blox LB100l Battery-Charger
Waterproof LiFePO4 battery charger, aligned to our LITEBLOX batteries
€195.00 *
€40.00 *
Distributor cap Distributor cap
One of the items that causes serious starting problems is this distributor cap. Little cracks in the housing will cause moisture inside the distributor. This is a direct replacement for the original one, which fits for Elise Mk1 and Mk2.
€17.00 *
Original replacement alternator Original replacement alternator
This alternator replaces the original component on all vehicles with K-series engine.
From €310.00 *
Alternator Denso 100 A Alternator Denso 100 A
High-quality alternator from Denso with an output of 100 A.
€268.00 *
Distributor finger Distributor finger
Original Rover spare part.
€10.50 *
Starter K-Series-engine Starter K-Series-engine
Starter which fits for all cars with k-series engine.
€153.00 *
High Torque Starter Motor MK1/MK2 High Torque Starter Motor MK1/MK2
Highly tuned and high compression engines can make life hard on the standard starter motors. On these kind of engines, people seem to go through starter motors every now and then. The reason for this is the original Rover part is already...
€309.00 *
Alu Halter für Zusatzintrumente Alu Halter für Zusatzintrumente
This (polished) aluminum double case allows optimal installation of the oil temperature and -pressure gauges. The positioning is below the dashboard, so that the instruments are very easy to read. The gauges shown on the photo are not...
€199.00 *
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