Phase Eleven-475 Upgrade +60hp/+80Nm 3-Eleven

Phase Eleven-475 Upgrade +60hp/+80Nm 3-Eleven
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Performance Phase "Eleven-475" • Performance data "Eleven-475": approx. 475 hp / 495 Nm... more
Product information "Phase Eleven-475 Upgrade +60hp/+80Nm 3-Eleven"

Performance Phase "Eleven-475"

• Performance data "Eleven-475": approx. 475 hp / 495 Nm (manual car)

• Performance data "Eleven 410 Road" series: approx. 416 hp / 410 Nm (factory spec)

• Performance data "Eleven 430 Evolution" series: approx. 436 hp / 440 Nm (factory spec)

The 3-Eleven has been delivered with 416 hp (factory specification) or 436 hp (Evolution Edition). In order to give the vehicle the right dynamics, we have developed the performance phase "Eleven-475". Through the use of special stainless steel manifolds (developed by Komo-Tec) with optimized tube lengths and diameters, an HJS-200-cpsi sports catalyst integrated in the rear silencer, as well as a K&N sports filter with increased throughput and an optimized software-upgrade, we were able to increase the maximum power output by about 60 hp (Road). This gets the engine much faster to higher revs and the extra torque is noticeably stronger.

Main advantages:

• performance increase with a high fun factor

• significantly more torque (+85 Nm or 55 Nm) and power (+60 hp or 40 hp) to the factory-spec vehicle

Performance Phase "Eleven-475" consisting of:

• K&N sports air filter

• Stainless steel manifold with optimized tube lengths and diameters

• 200cpsi HJS sports catalyst (main cat, integrated into ESD - reversible)

• Oxygen sensor cable extension

• Optimization of the standard softwarefile DEx475d (Ignition, injection maps and camshaft phase adjustment)

Also included in the price are the assembly labour, as well as a test run with performance protocol.


WARNING: Kit requires the use of at least (or high quality) Super Plus fuel (ROZ98).

A german TÜV-approval can be done inhouse by §19.2. The costs are to be paid by the buyer.

Note: Please take notice due to legal regulations, the classification of the CO2 value in g / km may change in the case of performance improvement measures. As this is the basis for the amount of the car tax higher fees may be billed.

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