Lotus 3-Eleven Exhaust

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Lotus Exhaust Mounting 6Cyl. Lotus Exhaust Mounting 6Cyl.
Original Lotus Exhaust Mounting Price per piece Suitable for: all Evora, Exige V6, 311
€31.50 *
RC-Exhaust Valve-Control RC-Exhaust Valve-Control
RC Exhaust Valve-Control Most Lotus models are now equipped with a valve-exhaust as a standard factory spec. Especially with the latest models, the valve is controlled by the ECU only and opens depending on the model and driving modes...
€175.00 *
dB-Eater KT-Track V6 dB-Eater KT-Track V6
Too loud for the track? The solution: KT-Track dB-Eater-Insert! Easy installation, with tailpipe direction to the left or right, the loudness are reduced by about 3dB. Depending on the track or measuring points to use. Motorsportpart -...
€299.00 *